Safe Harbour Youth

We meet every Wednesday night from 7pm-9pm at the church for grades 7-12, come join us!

about us

As a ministry of Harbour Light Alliance our vision is to enable youth to be like Jesus for His world. We meet every week for community, games, and a message.

What's Next:

Our 2022 #GOALS

Important dates:

Nov 9th- Leaders' choice

Nov 16th- Deck the Halls

Nov 23rd- Teens' choice

Nov 30th- Casting Lots

Dec. 7th- Christmas party


We will be interacting with a video series from Rightnow Media called Shattered which uses magic tricks as illustrations and aims to shatter the lies that society crowds us with.

Show Love

We want to be a place where teens are comfortable, loved, and accountable. Teen to teen friendships are strengthened as well as their relationships with the greater church community.


We want to be a place where students can be challenged personally, to grow in character, and spiritually, to engage in an ever deepening relationship with the living God.

Meet Needs

We want to be a place which meets the specific needs represented in each student who comes to the ministry. We also want to be a group that is willing to meet their communities' needs as well.

Stay Connected

Understanding the unique time that we live in, we want to be a community which is able to stay connected, through prayer and appropriate safe gatherings, to ensure that every student is receiving care and support from a spiritual leader.



Tel. (780) 639-4955




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Tuesday & Thursday & Friday 9:00am-3:45pm,

Wednesday- 9:00 am- 1:45pm, 7pm-9pm

602 10 St, Cold Lake, AB T9M 1A2